2017 Presenter Logistics

*This page is for 2017 presenters to prepare for D4D 2017.


Speakers will be extended the Super Early Bird rate of $375 to register for the conference. This will include the Conference Archive (a $95 value) that can be accessed post-conference. Please note you do NOT need to select the Conference Archive when registering, this will automatically be sent to you post-conference. If you registered already, your registration will be upgraded to include the online conference archive. If you still need to register and need the discount code, please contact us.


All conference blocks have been sold out but the hotels might have space available. Please review the housing options listed here.

Please review the program schedule when planning your travel dates.


Your session should be 2/3 prepared presentation and 1/3 Q&A. Monitors and moderators are assigned to session and short talk presentations to assist with timekeeping and questions from the remote viewing audience.

All sessions will be recorded as a live recording or a Voice-Over-PowerPoint recording. Since the Voice-Over-PowerPoint recordings will not show you at the podium, we encourage you to include your name, affiliation and a photo of yourself on the opening slide of your presentation.

Each presentation room will be equipped with a laptop for you to use. If you are not able to upload your presentation to our Dropbox folder prior to the conference, please bring your presentation on a jump drive. We do not recommend using your own laptop as the AV connections can get disrupted and it may affect the recording of your session.

The preferred aspect ratio for your slides is 16:9.


Your presentation can be uploaded to a private folder we have established on Dropbox. You can access this folder here.

**IMPORTANT! Please be sure you name your file as follows:

“Session Number – Session Title”
          Example: Session 103 – This Is How to Title A Presentation File

Many titles contain the same keywords so be sure to enter your full title AND session number. This will be the only way we can distinguish your file from someone else’s. If you don’t know your session number you can look it up on the Conference Website

D4D staff are the only ones with access to this folder so your information will remain private until the meeting when conference attendees will be able to access an online version of all the presentations.


Want to promote your session on Twitter or Facebook? Visit our program website and use the Twitter and Facebook links to share your session information to your followers. Many attendees are very active on social media and will be excited to see some familiar faces talking about the #d4d17 conference!


Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @Design4Lib. We’re using #d4d17 throughout the conference and retweet liberally. A lot of activity takes place on social media throughout D4D and we hope you chime in using #d4d17.


Please contact us at hello@new.designingfordigital.com. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.