2018 Presenter Logistics

*This page is for 2018 presenters to prepare for D4D 2018.


Speakers are extended a discounted registration fee of $365 for the conference + online conference video/audio archive.

  • This reflects a 17% discount from early rates and 32% discount from regular rates.
  • Please note you do NOT need to select the Conference Archive when registering, this will automatically be sent to you post-conference.
  • If you still need to register and need the discount code, please contact us.


We recommend arrival on Sunday PM and departure Wednesday early PM to partake in the core conference.

All available housing options are listed here.

SxSW will be hosting the SxSW Edu conference in town during the Electronic Resources and Libraries dates. Please be sure to book early for the most availability and best rates.


As a reminder, your session should be 2/3 prepared presentation and 1/3 Q&A. Monitors and moderators are assigned to sessions and short talk presentations to assist with timekeeping and questions from the remote viewing audience. As has been the tradition, ER&L’s Online Conference will be all encompassing and that means your session will be recorded.

  • All sessions will be recorded. Some sessions will stream live and others will be recorded as ‘Voice-Over-PowerPoint’ recordings available shortly after presentation.
  • All presenters should include their name, affiliation and a photo on the opening slide of your presentation.
  • All professional presentations should credit sources for graphics, photos and cited statistics if not original.
  • The preferred aspect ratio for your slides is 16:9.
  • Please submit your slides ahead of time and your presentation will be awaiting your arrival*. (It makes things so much easier on you and allows your peers access to your slides** to take notes. This also assists in person and online attendees with accessibility challenges.

    *If you are not able to upload your presentation to our Dropbox folder prior to the conference, please bring your presentation on a jump drive.
    We do not recommend using your own laptop as the AV connections can get disrupted and it may affect the recording of your session.**YES, presenters can choose to not share slides if data is not available for distribution, but we strongly encouraging sharing the presented information since that is the core of what we’re facilitating at the conference.



Your presentation can be uploaded to Dropbox here.

D4D staff are the only ones with access to this folder so your information will remain private until the meeting when conference attendees will be able to access an online version of all the presentations.


Each presentation room will be equipped with

  • PC laptop – The laptop available will be a PC. If you are using a program that is only accessible on a Mac, please make your file into a PDF before uploading.
  • Microphone
  • Water at the lectern/ presentation table.
  • Access to power
  • Reliable Wifi
  • Your presentation on the desktop if uploaded prior to the conference
  • Accessibility / Accessible Staging or other needs? Every submitter was asked to indicate whether any accommodations were needed, but we’re still here. So, remember that NO time is a bad time (up to the point of presentation) that we cannot assist you in having a comfortable and safe experience. Please contact us at hello@designingfordigital.com.


Presenters can meet and practice in the Speaker Ready Room in Room 101 on the M1 level. Work out your presentation or just work on… work, in a room for you with power at every seat, dry erase boards and lecture to practice your presentation. Here are some other options:

  • The in-room equipment is available to test your presentation. Visit during a break or breakfast in the actual presentation room you are assigned.
  • If you uploaded your file, it will be in “D4D 2018 Presenters” folder on the desktop.
  • Need to print slides to share with a co-presenter or the notes you wrote on the plane? A small business office is located on the M2 level across from the marble information desk at the AT&T Conference center near room 202.
  • If the weather is nice, grab a table in one of the 2 courtyards and practice outside.


Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @Design4Lib. We’re using #d4d18 throughout the conference and retweet liberally. A lot of activity takes place on social media throughout D4D and we hope you chime in using #d4d18.


Please contact us at hello@designingfordigital.com. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.