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Health & Safety @ D4D 2023

D4D planners are providing guidance for steps you can take to help ensure your safety at the conference this year.

  • All attendees are strongly encouraged to mask at the conference, rapid test before attending, and to stay home if they are experiencing COVID symptoms. We’ll be extremely generous with registration ticket transfers and quick with a move to an online conference ticket for another who needs to change their plans due to COVID.
  • Lanyards will visually make it easier for everyone to communicate and consent about physical touching and boundaries (handshake, hugs, etc.)

Prior to Attending

Test before your Travel. D4D strongly encourages all attendees to take a rapid test prior to attending ER&L.

Don’t Come if you’re sick. While we adore seeing all of your masked and unmasked smiling faces, do not attend the conference if you’re sick. Prior to the conference, do not travel to the conference city if you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID or are testing positive from a previous COVID infection.

Don’t Come if you’re COVID+ and Asymptomatic. If an attendee tests positive within seven days prior to the D4D, we will transfer your registration to an online seat, to a colleague, or anyone else of your choosing.

While Attending

SYMPTOM SCREEN. All attendees are also encouraged to do a self-screening for symptoms each morning of travel and conference dates. If any symptoms emerge during the conference please take a rapid test and await results before joining the conference. If you do NOT have access to a rapid test, email our team at and a rapid COVID test will be delivered to you.

SYMPTOM REPORTING. If an attendee tests positive during D4D, we will transfer your registration to an online seat.

MASKING. We recognize that masks are no longer mandatory in many of your hometowns and not in the city of Austin, Texas. We strongly recommend masks be worn by all attendees to prevent the spread of infections including COVID-19. Experts suggest N95 or KN95 masks offer the highest protection and surgical masks offer some protection. While it goes without saying, absolutely no harassment of masking choices will be tolerated.

SHOW ME YOUR LANYARD. We know it's been a long time since we’ve all been together. D4D will provide a physical reminder to attendees that it's not just business as usual for a lot of people. Attendees of our event are caregivers of immunocompromised persons or are immune compromised themselves. Our attendees are parents of children too young to be vaccinated or regularly spend time with elderly family members where a COVID infection or reinfection can mean serious impacts to their health. Color-coded lanyards will visually make it easier to communicate physical space boundaries and touching boundaries like handshakes and hugs.


Approach me like it's 2019.

I’m cool with hugs, handshakes, high-fives, and elbow bumps. Bring it on.


Approach me with respect for my need for space.

I have safety concerns.

I may mask while at D4D.

I’ll wave, fist bump, or elbow bump.


Wave to me. I’m friendly but have my reasons for my red lanyard selection.

Ask me how I wish to be approached.

Let's plan a chat outside or in an open area.

Kindly put a mask on before we engage in lengthy conversation.

I want to maintain as much social distance as possible but still join in an in-person event. 

After Attending

COMMUNICATE WITH ORGANIZERS. If you show symptoms or test positive for COVID after the event, email our team at We want to know and we will communicate updates if we have any reports of COVID-19.


While these plans, policies, and tips are listed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at D4D, we cannot conclude that the risk of infection will be eliminated.

ER&L, like all in-person conferences, cannot be a socially distanced event and it is likely there will be crowded sessions, elevators, and reception halls. We encourage attendees to respect each individual’s space and socially distance when possible.


Before D4D, you’re going to take a rapid test before attending, don’t travel if you’re sick. Bring a mask, Pack a COVID test. Wash your hands. Travel with a personal hand sanitizer you’ve been buying. Cough or sneeze in your arm.

During D4D, check in with yourself. If you’re not feeling well, you’re going to stay in your hotel room and test if you get sick in Austin. We'll bring you a test if you don’t have one. Respect attendee lanyards and masking choices. Carrying a mask is thoughtful for enclosed spaces.

After D4D, you’re going to be a responsible member of our community and let us know if you get a COVID-19+ test result.