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2017 Closing Speaker – Manuel Clément

Designing for Digital is excited to announce that Manuel Clément will be joining us in Austin for #d4d17 as our closing speaker!

Manuel Clément is a VR UX Designer and Prototyper at Google. He recently shipped Daydream and Arts & Culture VR. With a small team of 4, Daydream Labs, he also built 60 VR app experiments in 30 weeks, exploring immersive UX, and shared lessons learned at Google I/O in 2016. Before focusing on VR, Manuel worked on Material Design, Chrome, and the Self-Driving Car project in Google X. In his 20% time, he has created sounds and music for many Doodles, from Star Trek to Roswell Crash and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy. In a previous life, Manuel spent a decade designing products at Microsoft, pushed Flash back in the 90s, and published many books on the topic.

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