Designing the future of libraries

2018 Workshops

Monday, March 5th  |  1:00pm – 4:00pm

Designing for Physical Spaces

Learn how to improve library patrons’ experience of your physical space. In this workshop, we’ll discuss best practices in visitor experience and environmental design from museums and other public spaces, then apply these principles to your library through hands-on design activities.


Jason Alderman

Co-Founder/COO | New Cortex
& Owner/Experience Designer  | Cloud Chamber 

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Elissa Frankle Olinsky

Senior User Experience Researcher  | Ad Hoc, LLC
Museum Experience and Education Specialist  | US Holocaust Memorial Museum

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Monday, March 5th  |  1:00pm – 4:00pm

Kickstart your project with the discovery sprint framework

Whether you work in an Agile environment or not, and even in you don’t work in IT, conducting a discovery sprint can be an effective way to delve quickly and deeply into a complex problem in the workplace. When you’re embarking on designing a new interface / web content or a new-employee on-boarding process, discovery sprints can provide a structured and streamlined approach to gaining insight into user, stakeholder, and technology needs. By the end of the sprint, you should have a thorough picture of the problem you’re trying to solve. You’ll also have a set of user-validated designs, recommendations for how to move forward, and the buy-in needed to succeed.


Suzanne Chapman

Digital Services Expert/UX Lead  | United States Digital Service

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Tuesday, March 6th  |  9:00pm – 12:00pm

Digital Empathy: Creating Safe Spaces Online

UX often focuses on online usability, which informs design decisions through information architecture. While important, this doesn’t encompass everything a user needs in a space. This workshop will focus on another component of UX: creating spaces where users feel safe. Users bring anxieties with them to online spaces, but informed design choices can ameliorate that stress. Presenters will discuss empathetic design, ethnographic research methods and the practical application of results to ongoing and future projects.


Deirdre Costello

Director, UX Research | EBSCO Information Services

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Carrie Moran

Head of User Services/User Experience Librarian | California State University San Marcos

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Carl Barrow

Student Engagement Manager | University of Hull

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Tuesday, March 6th  |  2:00pm – 5:00pm

Developing Durable Stakeholder Agreement with <In>Tension Models

Join IA Institute President Dan Klyn for a half-day workshop that’ll equip participants with everything they need to develop a high-fidelity model of project stakeholders’ intent for a given product or service. This modeling process has been refined in commercial engagements with more than 100 clients over 6 years of information architecture consulting practice, and its outputs provide an invaluable basis for attaining durable agreement between stakeholders and designers alike regarding “what good means.”


Dan Klyn

President | Information Architecture Institute

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Tuesday, March 6th  |  2:00pm – 5:00pm

Facilitating Community Engagement

This workshop will cover community engagement/facilitation techniques for design innovation, including engaging and co-creating with diverse groups.


Lee-Sean Huang

Co-Founder/Creative Director  | Foosa

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