Designing the future of libraries


Designing for Digital is meant to bring together UX professionals, web designers, managers, researchers, strategists and librarians of all types to examine the current user’s experience of the library and design the future of libraries in the modern, digital world.

Commitment to Accessibility and Inclusivity

D4D is committed to creating an inclusive and comfortable conference experience for all attendees. Here are the features we have in place to ensure that the D4D conference is safe and accessible to all:

  • The entire program is available to be viewed via the Virtual Event. D4D makes a commitment to an online conference and has since the beginning of the D4D conferences so that geography will not be a barrier to access to the conference.
  • Instructions are posted for presenters on how to make their slides accessible to all attendees.
  • We will be closed captioning all of the sessions available via the 2021 Virtual Event.

Commitment to Sustainability

D4D committed to sustainability in the community and environment. Here are the features we have in place:

  • Whenever possible, materials are provided digitally rather than printed. If printed materials are required, they are abbreviated versions with expanded information available digitally.
  • As many items as possible are curated and printed locally and/ or with small local businesses.
  • All disposable printed materials, including program books and poster boards, are recycled.
  • Large printed items are created with annual reuse in mind.
  • We encourage our exhibitors and sponsors to reduce printed materials and giveaways to eliminate unnecessary paper waste.

Proper Attribution and Citation

All presenters are required to include proper citations and attributions on all images, graphics, and research that is not original. This maintains integrity in the presentation and enables attendees to reference primary sources.

Please contact us directly with any questions at