Designing the future of libraries

2019 Session Preview

A preliminary list of sessions is now available! A final schedule will be released by mid-January 2019.


Tools & Methods

  • Fearstorming: Prepare for Feedback & Launch with Confidence
  • Space Assessment with Qualtrics
  • Toward An Inclusive UX: Lightweight Web Accessibility Evaluation

UX in Practice

  • “This looks like the 11th page of Google”: Why We Do UX Research with Students Who Never Use the Library
  • A User Research Journey with Customers and Staff: Exploring the Research Techniques Used for
  • Improving the UX of a Library’s Online Catalog
  • An Evolution of One UX Team’s Practice
  • Engineering the Stacks: Georgia Tech Library’s Drupal 8 Transformation
  • Enhancing Library Discovery with Lightweight Meta Queries
  • Everything and the Kitchen Sink: Unpacking Library Help
  • Experiments with incorporating help into the search experience
  • Exploring Student Research Strategies through Cognitive Mapping
  • Making Websites Archive-friendly
  • Proto-personas: Connecting our work to users
  • Redesign Web Page Flow to Reduce Decision Fatigue
  • Service Design Meets Web Design: A case study of collaborating to design a proactive chat experience
  • Tackling the Food Policy Conundrum
  • Taking a (Cognitive) Load off: Improving User Experience in LibGuides
  • Tools and Techniques for Scalable Survey Analysis
  • User Experience (UX) at McGill Library: Case studies and strategies
  • We’re already doing that! Reworking old tech for new problems

Service & Physical Space Design

  • Practical Hyperlocal Service Design
  • Talking Design Thinking and Service Design with Library Administration

Trends, Emerging Issues, and the Future of Design

  • Tackling wicked problems: A social policy planning framework for addressing library user experience
  • Trends in Library Website Design
  • User Experience Activities in Small Academic Libraries
  • Is your library website beautiful?

Leadership & Organizational Strategies

  • Developing and Designing (D2): Building an Integrated Technology Team
  • Improving Stakeholder Communication with Data Visualizations
  • Leading 21st Century Digital Design in 20th Century Library Spaces
  • Project management for all: How to best contribute to projects in any role
  • Using Instructional Design to Harness Internal Stakeholder Input for a Library Website Redesign Project