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Join us for D4D18 in March!

We are pleased to confirm D4D 2018 will take place on Monday March 5 – Wednesday, March 7, 2018.

Check out some 2017 survey results and comments from 2017 conference attendees and start getting excited to attend!

  • 9/10 attendees rate the conference as excellent or very good overall
  • 9/10 ‘17 attendees would recommend the conference to a colleague
  • 8/10 say D4D is very or extremely unique
  • 7/10+ indicate the conference is an extremely good value
  • 8/10+ rated the presenters as excellent or very good
  • “Really good balance of sessions and workshops with excellent variety. I also really appreciate the relatively small size. It’s a terrific opportunity for networking.”
  • “Very well organized. Every little detail was considered (loved the schedules in the badges and the snacks during breaks). It was small enough that you could ask questions and get one on one help in the workshops, which was nice. There was a good variety of more advanced sessions and some more basic content, so it felt very approachable but I got a lot out of it. Keynote was amazing!”
  • “I like the smaller size and the networking opportunities – I got to meet people who do very similar work and share ideas and get inspired.”
  • “The variety of session topics, fabulous conference facility with great food, and co-located with ER&L.”