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Live Session Logistics



Dropbox for in-room presentation slides

Speaker Portal: Available Feb 24

Online Conf Platform: Available Feb 24


Online Conf Platform Login Sent: Feb 24

Upload In-Room Slides: March 3

Conference: March 6-8

Live Session Presenter Checklist

  1. Register for the conference (if you have not done so already).
  2. Review the logistics on this page.
  3. Build your presentation slides and script.
  4. Practice!
  5. On February 24: Check your email; we will send you the credentials for the Online Conference Platform (Pheedloop) and the Speaker Portal.
  6. Starting Feb 24: Upload attendee-facing materials (optional)
  7. Now through March 3: Upload your in-room slides to Dropbox.
  8. March 5-8: Speaker Ready Room Open; visit anytime during the conference. 

Questions?  We're here to help — [email protected]

IMPORTANT: These sessions will be presented to the live audience and live-streamed to the online audience. All live presenters are expected to attend in Austin and register for the conference. We realize not everyone is able to travel to Austin, so we have the following guidelines for instances where one or more speakers cannot attend in person but still need to present:

  • At least 1 presenter MUST be in the room in Austin. If none of the speakers are able to attend in person, the presentation will need to be pre-recorded and we will reschedule it as an On Demand presentation available on the Online Conference Platform only.
  • The laptop provided by ER&L will be used to bring in the remote speaker. Due to the technical setup that has to happen prior to the session starting, a speaker's laptop cannot be used at the podium to bring in the speaker.
  • Speakers must have a pre-prepared Zoom link using their own account to bring in the remote speaker. Speakers who do not have their own Zoom account should create one prior to the conference. (Note: Free Zoom accounts only allow max 40 minutes per meeting. If a paid account is not accessible to you, please contact us.)
  • The in-person speaker must be able to log into the meeting list as the host on the ER&L-provided laptop. Please make sure the in-room speaker has the host passcode or login and password to the Zoom account at the ready.
  • All speakers should report to the session room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the session. This will ensure a clean remote presentation and keep on schedule. If there is a delay in getting the speaker brought in remotely, the speaking time will not be adjusted.

What is a Live Session?

Live Sessions are 45-minute presentations delivered in person in Austin and streamed live to the online audience.

  • Sessions consist of 30 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A.
  • Q&A will include the in-person and online audience. A moderator will be in the room, bringing questions in from the online audience.
  • The live-streamed sessions will be live-captioned and recorded for on-demand viewing during and after the conference. These videos with captions will be available on the Online Conference Platform by the end of the conference on the 'Schedule' tab.

Building Your Presentation

  • Please refrain from using programs only accessible on a Mac when creating your slides.
  • The preferred aspect ratio for your slides is 16:9.
  • All presenters should include their name, affiliation, and a photo on the opening slide of your presentation.
  • Presentation Tips: Whether you are presenting for the very first time or this is “old hat” to you, we’ve compiled some tried-and-true tips to help ease any stage-fright jitters and to ensure your presentation is well received.
  • Review the Accessibility Guidelines to ensure all attendees can view your slides
  • Proper Attribution and Citation Expectation: All presenters are required to include proper citations and attributions on all images, graphics, and research that is not original. This maintains integrity in the presentation and enables attendees to reference primary sources.
  • No commercial activities or any advertising may be included in your slides. Non-compliance with this rule will result in slide removal and will impact future eligibility for presenting at ER&L.

Upload Your In-Room Presentation Slides – due March 3

  • These files will be for YOU only. These slides will be available on the in-room laptop for you to use during your presentation.
  • These are NOT for attendees to download. 
  • The in-room laptop is a PC, so please refrain from using programs only accessible on a Mac for your slides.
  • Name your file: 'Your Session Title – Your Last Name' (Example: 'Managing access in the library – Smith')
  • Upload your file:  to our private Dropbox Folder by March 3
  • If you do not upload your file by March 3, please bring it with you to Austin on a jump drive.

Materials for Attendees (optional)

(Access to Speaker Portal will be sent in late February)

  • These files will be for ATTENDEES ONLY
  • These are NOT for during your presentation at the podium. Slides for you to use during your live presentation should be uploaded to Dropbox (see above) or brought on a jump drive to Austin. 
  • The files uploaded for attendees will be available to all attendees on the Online Conference Website.
  • The files can be your attendee-facing slides and/or supplemental materials. 
  • Only 1 presenter for each session should supply the slides. 
  • YES, presenters can choose to not share slides if data is not available for distribution, but we strongly encourage sharing the presented information since that is the core of what we’re facilitating at the conference.
  • To submit the file(s) through your Speaker Portal (link will be sent in February):
    1. Log into your Speaker Portal.
    2. Go to the Session Files tab.
    3. Find the session (top tab).
    4. Enter the file description.
    5. Uncheck Private File (this will allow attendees to access your file).
    6. Browse for the file and select Add File 

Poll the Online Audience (optional)

(Access to Backstage will be sent in late February)

Polls are a great way to collect data from your online attendees and create real-time interaction in an on-demand viewing environment.

Starting on Practice Day, you will be able to configure polls for your presentation. These can be simple questions or there can be conditional logic built in. Answers from the online attendees are calculated and displayed in real-time. We recommend having polls created and enabled when the conference starts so online attendees can answer the polls as soon as they start watching your video.

Demo video on how to create and enable polls.

To create and edit polls:

  1. Log into the Online Conference Portal
  2. Click the “Backstage” tab in the left menu, there you will see the session(s) in which you are speaking.
  3. Select your session and click on the “Polls and Q&A” tab.
  4. Click on “Add New Poll” to add a new poll, and use the same area to modify existing polls.
  5. To enable the poll, check “Enable”.
  6. To disable the poll, check “Disable”.

What to Expect in Your Session Room

Each presentation room will be equipped with:

  • PC laptop – The laptop available will be a PC. Please refrain from using programs that are only accessible on a Mac when creating your slides.
  • Microphone
  • Access to power
  • Reliable Wifi
  • Your presentation will be accessible on the in-room laptop from the slides you upload to Dropbox. If you do not upload your file by March 3, please bring it with you to Austin on a jump drive.

Accessibility / Accessible Staging or other needs? Every submitter was asked to indicate whether any accommodations were needed, but we're still here. So, remember that NO time is a bad time (up to the point of the presentation) that we cannot assist you in having a comfortable and safe experience. Please contact us onsite at the Registration desk or at [email protected]

The Green Room/ Speaker Ready Room

Presenters can meet and practice in the Speaker Ready Room. Work out your nerves or just work on… work, in a room for you with access to power, dry-erase boards, and a lectern to practice your presentation.

The in-room equipment is available to test your presentation. Visit during a break or breakfast in the actual presentation room you are assigned.

Visit the Registration Desk for directions to the Speaker Ready Room.


  • The discounted speaker registration rate is $425 for the in-person conference. Click here to register.  
  • All accepted live presenters are expected to attend in Austin and register prior to the conference.

Hotels & Travel

All available housing options are listed here. Please be sure to book early for the most availability and best rates.

  • We recommend arrival on Sunday PM and departure Wednesday early PM to partake in the core conference.
  • Please review the program schedule when planning your travel dates.
  • If you are considering taking or are teaching a workshop course on Sunday, March 5, we recommend a Saturday PM or early Sunday AM arrival.

Code of Conduct

Are We Connected?

  • Just before and during D4D, we will have a conference Slack (details coming in February). While it's not required for you to be there, we highly encourage presenters to participate there since your topic or talk might be mentioned.
  • Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @Design4Lib.
  • We’re using #d4d23 throughout the conference, and we retweet liberally. A lot of activity takes place on social media throughout ER&L and we hope you chime in using #d4d23.